Corporate website (Public website)

Corporate website (Public website)

A Corporate website for a company used to provide background information about a business, organization, or service.
The primary goals are often to communicate information, or to support product marketing, promote a brand loyalty and increase sale. It is like a company’s personal assistant or business development executive that a company owner hires to work 24/7 without days off.

Our Corporate website look and act great on any device—laptop, phone or tablet. Optimized for whatever size and shape of screen, automatically. That’s “Responsive design". Back-end of system created by world-class CMS (Content Management System) which allow you to maintainance your content and website easily, no need any technical skill.

1 Why & 6 How to build the best corporate website

1 Why
  • Ask yourself why you need a corporate website in order to create corporate site in line with you goals.
6 How
  • Define your target audience - Create your website for whom? Identified your audience.
  • Understand the value of your website - Find out focus points of value of upcoming corporate website. Then, setup goals.
  • Conception - Creative concept of your corporate website design should base on expectation of audience and their activities. Also, consider points of corporate strategy and goals.
  • Prototype and mock up - Website prototype and mock up is an essential part of creating the best product possible. It is a chance to experiment with ideas and discuss them with stakeholders. There are three main goals of web design: to present the main information, to outline of structure and layout, and to describe the user interface.
  • Content - A content is as important as design. It keeps users on your website. What you put on it depends on what your target user wants to finds. Find out what the top priority for your customers is when they visit your website.
  • Designing, Development and Testing - Design idea which should to consider are Make the site responsive/mobile friendly, Make it easy to get to your content through optimized search and navigation, and be short, sweet and visual with your content.


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17 August 2018


Corporate website