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How to apply whiteboard animation

Whiteboard animation is the process of which an author draws and records an illustrated story using a whiteboard or whiteboard like surface. 

The animations frequently are effective narrative story. It is common used platform on YouTube. It is also used in television and internet advertisements to communicate to consumer and customer. The advantage of this media is keep the audience to follow our media until finish.

Idea case to used effective Whiteboard animation

  • Orientation new staff
  • Effective Training media. Especially, work with LMS (Learning Management System, E-Learning)
  • Cool new product launch
  • Describe company information
  • Media for Social network application like Facebook, YouTube, Line@, etc.
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Let see demo sample of two types.
An unlimited whiteboard and Page base whiteboard animation

Unlimited whiteboard animation

Page base whiteboard animation

Special offers FREE Make Whiteboard animation
  • Free make shortly animation for demo idea of Whiteboard animation on your job. This is the completely free of charge. 
  • You may prepare your draft script, concept and related images. The purpose of this is show what you will get from Whiteboard animation.
  • No need to order or do next step, if you do not really like it or helpful for you.
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