Benefit of Intranet website

An intranet website is a web server system to collaboration and give service for corporate's staff.

Benefit of Intranet website

Currently, a lot of company used intranet website for serve and support their staff with many wide range of services. 

Intranet website is the general service. Therefore, we should to create by Content Management System (CMS) and Learning Management System (LMS) in order to rapid to create, modern, easy to use and customization. Main goals of intranet website are improving communication, staff efficiency and effective working environment.

General Service for serve the corporate's staff by intranet website

  • Corporate information sharing ex. Policy, Workflow, General info, MA & Contract, etc. This way keep clearly understanding, decrease time to ask or find out information and be sure that the latest information kept in centralized location.
  • Resource reservation ex. Meeting room reservation. Normally, many companies ask reception staff or operator staff to record the reservation of meeting room or use shared excel file to control. We believed that effective way should use intranet system to serve all staff. Therefore, staff can focus their core values jobs such as take care customer, visitor or anyone who call to company.
  • Transport request & confirm ex. Request to send documents. Job of HR and GA staff to keep record, organize and order messenger daily job. They should be easy manage by drag and drop online request task to order messenger job in the system. Then, print for them as daily order. 
  • LMS (E-Learning) ex. Orientation training, Safety training, Compliance training, Quiz and record result, etc.  Helpful for support repeatedly training. Then, quiz and keep training record for auditor or human resource development staff.
  • Help desk system ex. IT Requisition, GA Requisition, etc.  Transform paper form to online request. Employee satisfaction will be increase.
  • Easy to use, Mobile friendly, Multilingual and free licenses forever

Benefits after used intranet website

  • Employee satisfaction – with mobile friendly and easy to access
  • Employee Engagement - since "involvement in decision making" is one of the main drivers of employee engagement, offering tools (like forums or surveys) that foster peer-to-peer collaboration and employee participation can make employees feel more valued and involved.
  • Transparency management – users view the same information, which update and track changed the information.
  • Workforce productivity - help users to locate and view information faster and use applications relevant to their roles and responsibilities.
  • Communication - serve as powerful tools for communication within an organization. In addition, help located centralize information.
  • Business and Service operation – being used as platform for develop business and service operation internal such as Meeting room reservation, Request to send documents, Online learning, quiz and keep learning records, Help desk and Requisition system, etc.
  • Cost-effective – users can view information and data view web-browser rather than maintenance physical document such as policy, procedure, manual, etc.
  • Collaboration – information is easily accessible by all authorized users, which enables to communicate in real-time.
  • Promote common corporate culture – every user has the ability to view the same information within intranet website.

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Special offers 30 days FREE Trial
  • Free trial of full function 30 days. This is the completely free of charge. 
  • Zero preparation from you except an information for initial Intranet website start. ex. Company name, Address, Contact, Logo file, Meeting room name, etc. 
  • After trial period, you can select to start pay about 2,xxx - 4,xxx THB/month for cloud base charging expenses or one times payment for implement on your server or cancel. It is up to you.
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