IT Professional team who support with high quality, user-friendly, modern, hearing you need and comply baseline of international compliance. We do both of technical and management process implementation.


We focus on niche market who need high quality of IT implementation with lower cost.

We strong on Application, IT Infrastructure implementation and IT Governance process design in line with IT compliance and law.

We emphasize the system design base on the best practice and risk assessment of IT.

Our major services are implement Corporate Website, Intranet collaboration site inside company, Create Whiteboard animation media for advertising and Corporate Learning system. Moreover, we are implementer of IT Governance process that improve IT maturity and avoid risk of illegal, Unplanned down time of IT system and fraud.

Key Quality & Risk control

This compliance and framework concept guide for develop and implement the best solution for corporate. 
It is the best practice process to deliver high quality IT solution.

Organization, Role and Responsibility

Start with organization teamwork, define role and responsibility, included the role authority.

Process Management

Believed that good solution must made by good process control.

Project Management

Define Project plan which specific task, timeline, person in charge, milestone and outcome.

Modern technology

Find out modern technology to serve business need.

Emphasize the system design

The best practice design before development or implement. 

IT Governance

In line with IT Compliance & Law. ex. SOX(ITGC), CobiT, ITIL, CIA, 3S, The Computer Crime Act, Copyright Act.

Highlight on IT Compliance concept

IT Compliance, framework and concept is going to cover the modern corporate to meet IT Governance.
Why we need IT Governance?
  • The increasing dependence on reliable, accurate and timely information, the systems and communications that deliver.
  • The need for 24/7/365 availability to do business and to ensure customer trust, included trend of work anywhere, anytime and any device.
  • IT Governance and internal control needed for get trust from internal & external auditor and investor 
  • Improve segregate of duties. Avoid excessive access right and prevent fraud
Compliance, Framework, Law listing; 
  • SOX (Sarbanes–Oxley Act), CobiT (Control Objective for Information and Related Technology), ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library)
  • SDLC (System Development Life Cycle), CIA triad (confidentiality, integrity, and availability), 3S (Simple, Standard, Specialist)
  • The Computer Crime Act, Copyright Act
We will not create workable system only.
Our responsible, which keep in our mind that we must to create the best system for user and customer.

Intranet Demo Website (Support staff)

Demo users
We provided three users which different authority level as follows
  • User: demo1  Permission: Read only and Learning LMS
  • User: demo5 Permission: Read & Write except some special areas such as corporate calendar and MA. Document. In addition, allow for Learning LMS
  • User: demo8   Permission: Read & write all area except hide Learning LMS
Please request password by Line id: @ITProCMS or eMail: or online Register user.
Feature and function for support corporate's staff

Corporate Demo Website (Public website)

For Corporate website concept which nearly same as our corporate website. Therefore, we suggest you to see this website for look in detail and get idea to image your upcoming corporate website, plus your goals requirement.

Any requirement will be discuss before design the website. We will advise and customize match with your requirement. In addition, We will provide mock up website for discussion before final system design.